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Flexible, Next-Generation Telephony and VOIP
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Flexible. Versatile. Adaptable. Reliable. And Affordable. Just a few words that describe why CTS CLOUD VOICE SERVICE is a better voice communications solution for your business – and there are hundreds more where they came from.

CTS combines cutting-edge technology, world-class telecom hardware, expert installation and unbeatable support services to deliver cloud-based business telephone service that delivers spectacular quality and value.


A Better Way to Talk. A Better Way to Work.

It’s not a standard business phone system. It’s not just VOIP. It is a versatile, maintenance-free, hassle-free alternative that delivers more features and functionality than ever before, directly from the cloud. That means no in-house servers to maintain. That means no crashes. That means no complex update processes, lengthy installation procedures, or expensive troubleshooting and remediation.

It means that your company gets the best, most flexible, most feature-rich voice communications capabilities available in a system tailored precisely to suit your business. Read More.

How Can CTS Cloud Voice Services Help You?

Just Count The Ways.

Speed, efficiency, versatility, reliability – that’s what today’s business communications needs demand, and that’s what CTS Cloud Voice Services provide. Beyond that baseline, though, CTS Cloud Voice Service delivers an almost-unbelievable array of features, functions and benefits that help you to make your company more efficient, effective, and profitable. Learn More.

Speak With Style.

CTS Cloud Voice Services provide the most advanced features and functions available anywhere – and we’ve got the phones you need to take full advantage of them. From the front desk to the executive suite, from the warehouse to the conference room, our premium Yealink phones deliver reliable, high-quality connectivity. Learn More.

Leading Edge Voice Communications Services.

From Michigan’s Voice Communications Leader.

When you sign up for CTS Cloud Voice Services, you’re not just getting a service – you’re getting the company behind it. Every CTS Cloud Voice subscription comes with personalized, attentive service – including complete installation, configuration, and testing, all provided by the most knowledgeable and highly-trained experts available. Learn More.