CTS Cloud Voice Services:

Doing What We Do – And Doing It Better.

For nearly four decades, Michigan businesses have turned to CTS for affordable, reliable best-of-breed voice communications services. We began with analog phone systems, and as technology changed, we did too. With each technological advancement we’ve adapted our product and service offerings to incorporate the best, most stable, most advanced systems and services available.

We’ve expanded beyond telephony to become a leading regional IT services provider, helping companies to leverage technology to create outstanding business results. We remain rooted in voice communications, delivering best-of-breed VOIP and Cloud communications services that combine clear strategic thinking, outstanding customer service, and high-performance technologies to create outstanding business results.

CTS has grown over four decades as a result of our unswerving commitment to being not the biggest, but the best. With CTS Cloud Voice Services, as with any of our other services, our goal is to provide outstanding business value to our customers: Strong expertise, unmatched customer service, proven product quality, and unquestioned integrity, all at a fair and business-friendly price. That’s a commitment you can count on, today and tomorrow.

To learn more about the complete range of CTS IT services available, visit www.cts-companies.com.

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