CTS Cloud Voice Services:

Your Phone System Will Amaze You.

Reliable, secure, flexible, cost-effective service is the just the beginning of what you get with CTS Cloud Voice Services.

Our engineers and vendors have developed services that offer unparalleled capabilities and features that extend your definition of what voice communications can do – and redefine what your business can do.

  • Unlimited calling throughout North America – with no extra cost
  • Optimum control over call/line routing, rerouting, forwarding
  • Complete ease-of-use
  • Customize and configure remotely, anytime and anywhere, through an easy-to-manage web-based dashboard
  • Cross-device compatibility – redirect lines to cells, soft phones, laptops, desktop phones, or virtually anywhere you’d like
  • Ultimate system security and survivability – even in the case of fire or natural disaster, your phone system remains intact, and all data is safely stored in the cloud
  • Effortless, automatic updates – There is never a need to update software, run patches, or perform system maintenance, as all are performed automatically
  • Pay only for what you use – easily scale the number of lines you need based on demand
  • Optimized compatibility and operability – before we install your system, we test to ensure total compatibility with your existing internet connection and data network
  • Full-service support – CTS technicians are always available to assist you in the event of problems, day or night

Additional available features:

  • SIP Trunking, enabling compatibility with existing PBX systems
  • Cloud Contact Centers to enable multiple-location call centers without hardware cost
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps to enable voice functionality across multiple devices and device types
  • Team and Web Collaboration tools to optimize the efficiency of your workforce

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