CTS Cloud Voice Services:

The Better Way To Connect.

To communicate. To connect. To transform the way you do business – and make it faster, smarter, easier, and more secure than ever before. That’s what CTS CLOUD SERVICES has to offer: The advanced technologies and customized solutions it takes to drive your business not just forward, but ahead.

To know why CTS Cloud Voice Services provide the greatest advantage to growing companies, you have to understand what they are – and aren’t. This isn’t standard VOIP, a traditional exchange-based network, or an application running on your in-house server – this is a comprehensive cloud-based communications platform, provided as a service, that delivers unmatched flexibility and performance without complex upgrade routines, mandatory maintenance, or up-front capital expenditure.

How It Works… 

CTS Cloud Voice Services are comprehensive voice communications solutions, hosted in the cloud and delivered via your existing internet connection. There are no servers to configure, and no applications to install (apart from optional cell phone and computer client applications). In fact, once you subscribe to CTS Cloud Voice Services, you don’t have to do anything – because we’ll handle it for you.

No hassle. Unlike other cloud telecom providers, CTS provides in-person, on-premises installation, setup and training to get your system up and running quickly – and to make sure it stays that way. While other companies simply send you a box and some setup instructions, your CTS installation team is with you every step of the way, taking care of installation and configuration for you.

No capital expenditure. CTS provides everything you need to get your CTS Cloud Voice Service up and running. No need for an up-front purchase of phones and accessories – your first month’s payment is all that’s needed.

No worries. CTS Cloud Voice Services is voice communications done right – the first time. We rigorously test your existing network and internet connection to ensure readiness for voice services before we install. Then, we see that your system is set up, configured, and deployed to work right – and make sure that you and your team have the knowledge and tools you need to make the most of it.

When it comes to advanced voice communications, CTS delivers the right service at the right price – and we can prove it. While other companies average a 20-25% turnover rate on cloud-based voice services, CTS maintains nearly 100% client retention. That’s a lot of satisfied customers.

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